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Custom Thermoforming

Your partner in thermoformed packaging solutions, CAPCO’s extensive experience and ongoing innovation has served to enable us to provide you with a high quality thermoforming manufacturing process. We offer the most advanced creative solutions to today’s high-tech packaging and shipping needs, including thermoformed blisters, trays, clamshells and other protective packaging.


Clear plastic thermoformed blisters are set on a printed card with a heat-seal coating adhering the blister to the card. Any tampering of this product is very apparent, therefore making it very secure for the end user.


Thermoformed trays help to contain or transport items that are placed inside specific shapes. The trays are designed and formed specifically for the individual items.


Custom clamshells allow for the best visual

representation of your product as the shaping

of the package is contoured to your product

specifications. Our expert engineers will customize

a clamshell design that is most precise,

showing the details of your product clearly,

protecting it from the environment and thiefs.

Stock Clamshell and Tray Program

Stock Clamshells are the perfect answer when your project requires “Quick to Market” delivery without upfront tooling

costs. CAPCO offers several different sizes of Stock Clamshell Trays for packaging solutions.

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Fulfillment Services

CAPCO’s Fulfillment Services and extensive experience, help launch your next start-up, promotional, or special

product/project by meeting deadlines and minimizing your cost and risk.

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